Friday, February 5, 2010

Stealing Shadows

Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper

The first in a planned "thrill-ogy" of suspense novels, this is a serial killer tale charged with deeply felt dread and romance that will steal readers' hearts. Cassie Neill has inherited a psychic gift from her mother that is a mixed blessing at best because it enables her to enter the minds of serial rapists and killers. From her aunt, she inherits a house tucked away in a corner of quiet little Ryan's Bluff, North Carolina, where she takes refuge, hoping to distance herself from the grueling work she's done for the Los Angeles Police Department. But, just as there's no rest for the weary, there's no rest for the wicked either, and visions of a deranged man's plans to kill prompt Cassie to visit Ben Ryan, the small town's prosecuting attorney. Skeptical but interested, Ben finds himself drawn toward the oddly bewitching Cassie, just as she is pulled ever further into the psychotic soul of evil. Whitney Scott, Booklist Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.
--Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper, Published 2000 by Bantam Books. Audio book produced by Recorded Books.

My Summary

The start of Kay Hooper’s celebrated “Bishop/Special Crimes Unit” series, Stealing Shadows follows Cassie Neill as she pays a visit to Judge Ben Ryan to report that a murder will take place in his small town. She doesn’t know who the intended victim is or when the murder will occur, just that it will. Though Ben seems a little more open to her psychic vision than the Sheriff, whom she also visited, there’s nothing anyone can do. Until, of course, a body is found. And another. And another.

It doesn’t take long for tensions in town to rise and Ben and Matt turn to Cassie for help. Cassie is reluctant, having retreated to the small North Carolina town to escape the pressures of hunting vicious killers in California, but feels it is her duty to use her gift to help solve the crimes that cross her path. But at what cost to Cassie’s life?


I enjoy Kay Hooper’s writing and certain aspects of the paranormal and this series is tailor-made for me. Stealing Shadows is a very believable story of a serial killer and the cop/lawyer/psychic team determined to bring him to justice. It’s a wonderful story with a great unexpected twist that I didn’t see coming, even though I’d read this story before!

I give this story FOUR STARS.

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