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White Nights

White Nights by Susan Edwards
Oregon Trail, 1856

After her husband is swept away by the furious waters of the Platte River, Eirica Macauley faces the journey along the Oregon Trail alone with three children and another on the way. But Eirica cannot mourn the loss of such a brute, and vows never to give a man power over her again.

A fellow settler on the trail, James Jones never meant to fall in love with another man's wife, but it was impossible to steel his heart against the beautiful Eirica. If only he can convince Eirica to trust in him, and in her own feelings.

James is everything her husband wasn't: handsome, caring, honorable. His touch ignites passion. Struggling to survive in the untamed West, Eirica can't help but be tempted by James's offer to care for her and the children. But as they near their destination, and a promising future together, they learn the past may not be so far behind after all...
--White Nights
by Susan Edwards
Copyright © 2012 by Susan Edwards
Published by Carina Press ebooks

My Review
The Jones family continues their journey westward to Oregon. Jessie is happy with Wolf, and James is working on his own happiness.

Eirica lost her husband to the rushing waters of the Platte River, but she’s not grieving. He was abusive and a drunk and though she’s terrified about what her future will hold and how she’ll do it caring for four little children, she knows she and they will be happier without Birk.

When James turns on the charm, Eirica finds she can’t resist him. He’s so good with her children and treats her with tenderness and care, something Birk never showed her. She’s free to give in to his gentle pressure and their love grows as they begin to plan for a life together.

But Eirica is not as free as she thinks. The Platte may have claimed many lives, but Birk Macauley is not one of them. And he’s determined to rejoin his wife and make her pay for leaving him to drown.

Although the writing was top-notch as it has been with the other books in the White series, I did not enjoy this story as much as the others due to the subject matter. Granted, this is the aftermath of a woman having lost her abusive husband and she learns to trust another man with her heart, but for me the story line was too predictable. I knew what was going to happen even while I was still reading the previous book in the series, White Wolf. If you plan to read the entire series, don’t leave this one out, just know that it deals with a sensitive subject and may not be to everyone’s liking.

This story was first published in 2003, the remaining stories in the series following naturally. They’re being re-released by Carina Press and the first eight books are available on their web site. Click here to order from Carina Press or the below link to order this book from (and find links to the others available in this series).

I give this story THREE stars.

I received an Advance Uncorrected Proof from NetGalley.

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