Monday, February 20, 2012

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader ® presents Flush Fiction

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader ® presents
Flush Fiction

Compiled by the editors of the Bathroom Readers’ Institute

Quick fiction for readers on the go!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction is a tantalizing collection of 88 short-short stories custom-picked for the Bathroom Reader aficionado. We scoured the country for talented fiction writers and asked them to send us their best quick reads. The result: mysteries, horror, sci-fi, adventure, plenty of laughs--and a few gasps--in these startling short stories. They're like little movies for your mind!

-- Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader ® presents
Flush Fiction

by Bathroom Readers’ Institute
Copyright © 2012 by Bathroom Readers’ Institute

My Review
Flush Fiction is a collection of flash fiction—er, “flush” fiction—perfect for those short visits to the “privatarium.” Some of the stories have appeared in other publications or submitted in literary contests and are noted accordingly. Like any collection of short stories, not every entry will appeal to every reader, but I think most readers will enjoy this collection and perhaps find a few personal gems. Some stories mad me laugh out loud ("The Taste of Failure" and "Two Urinals from Death" are my favorites), some made me frown and scratch my head, one made me think I’d slipped into the Twilight Zone (cue Rod Serling!) and a few I just didn’t get, but that’s the way it goes with collections like these.

One bit of advice given to writers tells you to start your story with a strong hook. “Vita 1985” starts with one of these: “Once I quit crack, I had to get out of the CIA.” Now, if that doesn’t make you want to read further, then go ahead and pass on this collection. Otherwise, if you’re looking for the perfect toilet tank book, this collection and any others in the BRI library are perfect for you.

I give this book FIVE STARS.

I received an Advance Uncorrected Proof from NetGalley.

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