Saturday, August 21, 2010

After Glow

After Glow / Ghost Hunters Book 2 by Jayne Castle

Para-archaeologist Lydia Smith has spent her entire adult life digging into the past, and building a career. But all that changes when she finds herself lost in the catacombs below the city, with no memory of how she came to be there. Now it's her own past that is eluding her; and the secret of what happened to her will endanger everything she's worked to rebuild, including her new marriage to Emmett London, who has a dangerous past of his own to overcome.
--After Glow by Jayne Castle, Copyright ©2000 by Jayne Ann Krentz, published by Jove

My Review

When the mysterious Curtain opened, people of Earth were able to travel between our world and a new one, named Harmony. Long ago, a mysterious alien civilization abandoned Harmony, leaving behind green quartz ruins, unusual artifacts and a strange “vibe” that brought out psychic abilities in all the planet’s inhabitants. Before long, people began to colonize Harmony and travel and trade between the planets became commonplace.

Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the Curtain closed, stranding the colonists. Cut off from all they knew, the new Harmonics had to find a way to survive…or die.

Two hundred years later, Lydia Smith, a para-archaeologist working at a kitschy “alien horror” museum, is dating Emmett London, the temporary head of the Cadence City Ghost Hunter Guild. He’s the temporary head because the current head, Mercer Wyatt, has been shot and is in the hospital. “It’s personal,” he manages to tell Emmett, “not connected to the Guild.” That doesn’t stop Emmett from wanting answers.

Meanwhile, Lydia receives a call from a former college professor, claiming he has information that will help Lydia uncover what happened during her “lost weekend.” Seven months earlier, while exploring the catacombs beneath the city, Lydia was separated from her group and was feared lost. When she emerged forty-eight hours later, she had no memory of those hours. But before she can meet with the professor, he dies of a drug overdose. He left behind a clue for her, a newspaper article about a young man who disappeared into the catacombs fifteen years earlier.

What’s the connection behind a fifteen-year-old missing person case, Lydia’s “lost weekend” and the “personal” shooting of Mercer Wyatt? Did Lydia see something in the catacombs that connects to the missing person? Why is Mercer’s almost-murder a “personal” matter and not connected to the Guild? What’s the connection to the “Greenies,” a cult of alien worshipers that seems to have taken an interest in Lydia?

And where on Harmony is she going to find a dress for the Restoration Ball?

I give this story THREE STARS.

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