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Orchid by Jayne Castle

A top spychic for exclusive Psynergy Inc., Orchid Adams has her hands full with a baffling murder—which doesn’t exactly allow time for husband hunting. Is it even possible there’s a man on St. Helen’s who measures up to her dreams of wedded bliss? Take her new client, Rafe Stonebraker: primitive and elemental, an unlicensed P.I. with some serious secrets, Rafe is hardly marriage material. So why does his powerful presence have Orchid imagining the most outrageous affair? Rafe is embroiled in solving a strange theft while thwarting a hostile takeover of Stonebraker Shipping: he needs a wife—and fast—to salvage his credibility. Orchid Adams doesn’t fit the profile he had in mind, but she fits in his arms. Will their electrifying connection end up getting them burned?
--Orchid by Jayne Castle, Copyright ©1998 by Jayne Ann Krentz, published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

My Review

I have to say, I am very slightly disappointed with this story. In Amaryllis and Zinnia, Rafe was a very dark and mysterious character and Orchid was a famous author. In Orchid, Rafe is still a bit mysterious, but no more so than the previous heroes, Lucas and Nick, and Orchid’s writing seems little more than a hobby that she happens to be lucky enough to make some money at. She spends almost no time working on her next novel, and no one fauns over her—“You’re Orchid Adams, the writer? For real? I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you! I’ve read all your books, I absolutely love you! Can I have your autograph?” Nope, none of that.

So Orchid and Rafe don’t quite live up to the hype created in the previous two novels. However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great story. Concluding the St. Helen’s series after Amaryllis and Zinnia, we meet Orchid, a full-spectrum ice-prism, who is hired by Rafe through Psynergy, Inc. to focus for him as he works on a few investigation cases. She doesn’t know that he has an ulterior motive—to find himself a wife. In order to take over the family business, Stonebraker Shipping, from his conniving cousin, Rafe must first establish respectability and find himself a wife. So far, his matchmaker at Synergistic Connections has been unable to match him with anyone suitable, so Rafe decides to take matters into his own hands.

From his first meeting with Orchid, Rafe knows there’s something special about her and their working relationship quickly evolves into a more personal one. But when Rafe discovers a connection between his latest case—recovering a stolen alien artifact—and the death of a friend of Orchid’s, their simple working relationship quickly grows complicated. When Orchid is kidnapped by the thief, can Rafe rescue her before she is destroyed by the power in the mysterious artifact?

I give this story FIVE STARS.

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