Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heart of the Sea

Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts

This final installment in this series begins when wealthy builder Trevor Magee arrives in the Irish village of Ardmore. There he meets Darcy Gallagher, who aspires to the more lavish lifestyle that only a wealthy husband can provide. Immediately attracted, the two begin to negotiate an arrangement uncomplicated by the messiness of love. Their hearts have other plans, however, and so does Carrick, a brooding faerie prince who uses them to plot a reunion with his long-dead and long-lost lover, Lady Gwen.
--Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts, Copyright ©2000 by Nora Roberts

My Review

We conclude this trilogy with Heart of the Sea, the story of Trevor Magee and Darcy Gallagher. Trevor comes to Ardmore to supervise the construction of his theater and perhaps learn a bit about the village where his ancestors hailed from. They meet and the attraction between them is swift. He’s just her type, after all…good looking, intelligent and rich. And she’s beautiful and sharp-minded…just his type.

But Carrick, prince of Faeries, is not content to sit back and let their mutual attraction do its thing. He wants to guarantee their union, for doing so will reunite him with his lost love. This is the closest he’s come in three hundred years and he will not be denied, no matter what plans the mortals might have.

Fortunately for him, they are in agreement, and Darcy and Trevor slowly fall in love amidst the rubble of theater construction and Darcy’s sudden “discovery” as a singer. But can her new singing career work alongside Trevor’s and can they—and Carrick and Gwen—live happily ever after?

I give this story THREE and a HALF STARS and bid farewell to Nora Roberts’ stories, at least for a little while. My backlog of books continues to grow like a teenage boy’s appetite. The Green Valley Book Fair sold four more books to me…I’m actually scared to count the number of books waiting to be read!

I’m also going to try and stay away from books I’ve already read (which I dearly enjoy re-reading) and focus only on unread stories so I can clear out some of this backlog. Wish me luck!

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