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Wraith by Phaedra Weldon

Have Powers, Will Travel

Zoë Martinique was just your average, single female, past 25, looking for love and/or exciting job opportunities. Until life handed her the dubious ability to travel outside of her body at will—which she turned into a career, hiring herself out as a literal spook. Industrial espionage, domestic surveillance, you name it—when she’s traveling she can see but can’t be seen…

Then one night things get out of hand while she is out-of-body: Zoë witnesses a murder. What’s worse, the killer is also a Traveler—and he most definitely not only sees her, but tries to pursue her.

To save herself, Zoë must somehow guide the very handsome detective assigned to the case to the truth without revealing herself. And with the help of her semi-psychic mom, a pair of gay ghosts, and her best friend (a Goth techno witch), she also has to figure out exactly who—and what—the murderer is, before he finds her and puts and end to her traveling—permanently.
--Wraith by Phaedra Weldon, Copyright ©2007 by Phaedra Weldon, published by Ace Books

My Review

An urban fantasy, written in what I’d call the ‘chick lit’ style (you know, first person female with a lot of personal commentary), I surprisingly found myself hooked rather quickly into the story.

Zoë hires herself out as a kind of investigator, finding out information for people willing to bid for her services (on eBay, no less). She does this through astral projection, following her targets and acquiring information. One night she witnesses a murder, and the killer—to her surprise—is another astral traveler. The killer manages to mark her, and Zoë’s life takes a turn for the uber-weird.

It’s hard to describe what happens next, because I’m still not sure I fully understand it all, at least, not without a handful of diagrams and a couple pie charts. If you’re interested in the unusual and unique, I’d give this book a read. I really liked it, and I’m going to start reading Spectre, book two in the series, next…starting tonight!

I give this story THREE STARS.

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