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White Dreams

White Dreams by Susan Edwards

Nebraska Territory, 1857

To Star Dreamer, seeing glimpses of the future is more a curse than a gift. Haunted by the belief that she could have prevented the death of her husband, she struggles against the Sight--even if it means leaving her people to hide from the Spirits in the white man's world with handsome Grady O'Brien, a man who inspires passions Star thought were long buried.

After losing his wife, Grady vowed never to love again. But the beautiful and wise Star Dreamer tempts him to risk his wounded heart a second time. Their budding relationship faces opposition in a world bound by prejudice. And when they rescue a free black woman from slavers, Grady and Star incur the wrath of a dangerous man known only as the Dragon--a man who won't rest until he enslaves Star herself...

--White Dreams
by Susan Edwards
Copyright © 2012 by Susan Edwards
Published by Carina Press ebooks

My Review

After the marriage of his daughter, Emma, to Sioux chief Striking Thunder, Colonel Grady O’Brien returns to St. Louis with his youngest daughter, Renny.  Before leaving the Sioux, however, Striking Thunder’s sister, Star Dreamer, insists on coming with him, along with her daughter, Morning Moon.  Renny is a handful, and the Colonel, unused to her antics, needs someone to take control of her.  Star, who has visions of the future, knows hers lies with the Colonel in the city.  Reluctant to see her go, but knowing each must follow their own destiny, Star’s family bids her well.

Star surprisingly adapts well to city life and quickly takes over the care of the two girls and the running of the household.  She is met with resistance and suspicion, but it isn’t long before she finds her way around these obstacles.  Her growing feelings for Grady, however, won’t be so easily conquered.

Grady, himself, is at war with his emotions.  Drawn to Star from the moment they met, he strives to keep distance between them.  He promised her father and brother—now his son-in-law—that he would keep Star and Morning Moon (now calling herself Matilda) safe in the city.  When Star unwittingly finds out about a forced slavery racket, she works to find out who is responsible.  Will she, before they find her first?

As I read my way through this series, I found that I enjoyed those that focused on life among the Sioux the best.  So did I not like this one set in the white man’s world?  On the contrary, I enjoyed this story as well.  Star is definitely in control of her life and her destiny, though she constantly strives to deny her gift of prophecy.  She has it in her to be a strong, confident woman, something she couldn’t quite be among her people, but among Grady’s, her true self comes out.  I enjoyed her transformation and adaptation to his world, and more, I loved that Grady did not try to force her to conform, but allowed her the freedom to find her own way into his world and into his heart. 

This story was first published in 2004, the remaining stories in the series following naturally.  They’re being re-released by Carina Press and the first eight books are available on their web site.  Click here to order from Carina Press or the below link to order this book from (and find links to the others available in this series).

I received an Advance Uncorrected Proof from NetGalley.

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