Tuesday, December 13, 2011

White Wind

White Wind by Susan Edwards
Dakota Territory, 1828

Alone in the world since the death of the man who raised her, Sarah Cartier is forced to flee her home to escape her abusive guardian. No sooner does she ride off into the untamed wilderness than she is swept away by Golden Eagle, the Sioux brave who saved her life once before. Insisting that Sarah belongs to him, Golden Eagle brings her to his village to learn the ways of his people. Her fantasies becoming reality, Sarah is a willing captive--but she fears the danger she'll bring when her guardian finds her.

The blue-eyed beauty has haunted his dreams ever since their first encounter. Now Golden Eagle is determined to claim her as his own. As future chief, Golden Eagle is betrothed to the daughter of another tribe. Consumed by passion for Sarah, he knows he will be forced to choose between love and duty...
--White Wind
by Susan Edwards
Copyright © 2011 by Susan Edwards
Published by Carina Press ebooks

My Review
Remember Emily Ambrose and John Cartier of White Dawn? They’re gone now, but their daughter Sarah is all grown up…and in danger from her guardian cousin Willy. He’s determined to have her and her inheritance for himself. If she doesn’t agree, he’ll tell everyone the secret of her true parentage.

So she runs and lands in the path of Golden Eagle, a warrior she met several years earlier. He and other warriors are looking for the men who kidnapped and murdered two of their women. Concerned for her safety, he convinces her to return with him to his tribe as his captive. It’s the only way he can keep her safe.

Sarah quickly adapts to the ways of the Miniconjou tribe and to loving Golden Eagle. But their future is uncertain because Golden Eagle is set to wed Wild Flower, the daughter of Chief White Cloud of the Hunkpapa, an arrangement made to bring peace to the two tribes. Neither Golden Eagle nor Wild Flower wish to wed each other, but marriage between the eldest son of Hawk Eyes and eldest daughter of White Cloud must occur to fulfill the terms of the peace treaty. Time is running out, and it’s running out faster than either could imagine, for Cousin Willy is hot on their trail. He wants Sarah and her money, and he won’t stop until he finds her.

Readers of the series, of course, know Sarah’s secret, and can easily deduce the solution to Golden Eagle and Wild Flower’s dilemma. Susan Edwards hides this solution behind a dark veil…you can see its form but can’t quite make out the details.

This story captured my imagination and wouldn’t let go until the final page. I can’t wait for the remaining books to be released. Don’t miss out on this series!

This story was first published in 2003, the remaining stories in the series following naturally. They’re being re-released by Carina Press and the first four books are available on their web site. Click here to order from Carina Press or the below link to order from Amazon.com.

I give this story FOUR and a HALF stars.

I received an Advance Uncorrected Proof from NetGalley.

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