Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silver Master

Silver Master by Jayne Castle
Fleeing a lurid scandal, matchmaker Celinda Ingram arrived in Cadence City desperate for a new start. Known for her strong para-resonator abilities, she is able to match up clients by reading their psi waves. It's this talent that sets her body tingling when security specialist Davis Oakes shows up at her office.
A formidable psychic himself, Davis is trying to track down a powerful relic that Celinda supposedly bought as a toy for her pet dust bunny. Trying to wrest the ruby red object from the suspicious duo nearly drains Davis of the energy he'll need to keep his growing desire for Celinda in check - and to keep her safe from those who will do anything to possess the relic...
--Silver Master by Jayne Castle, Copyright ©August 2007 by Jayne Ann Krentz, published by Jove Books
My Review

When Davis Oakes arrived at her office, accompanied by local police detective Alice Martinez, Celinda Ingram immediately felt a strong attraction. He’s working on behalf of the local Ghost Hunter Guild, tracking down a peculiar alien relic that she recently purchased. Celinda happens to have the relic with her, but before she can hand it over to Davis, her pet dust bunny, Araminta, snatches the relic and runs away with it.

Determined to complete his assignment, Davis sticks with Celinda, knowing Araminta will return with the relic…eventually. That means Davis will have to go with Celinda to Frequency City to attend her sister’s wedding.

Having left Frequency only four months earlier to escape a sex scandal involving powerful Guild Council member Benson Landry, Celinda is not exactly happy to go back, but she can’t not go to her sister’s wedding. She was, after all, the matchmaker who paired her sister Rachel with Josh Santana. She has to go…even if she does have to wear a nauseatingly pink maid-of-honor gown. And even if that means Davis will have to go with her.

On the way to Frequency, Celinda finds herself confessing to Davis the real reason she left Frequency City. Benson Landry was the cause, but the sex scandal was faked. When Landry shows up at her hotel door, Davis takes action, letting Landry know Celinda isn’t alone any longer and he’s more than capable of defending her. He leaves, but Landry isn’t finished yet.

Celinda figures out exactly what the ruby artifact can do in the right hands, and realizes what it can do in the wrong hands. She must do whatever she can to keep the artifact out of Benson’s hands…and out of the Guild’s hands.

I give this story THREE STARS.

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