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Silenced by Jerry Jenkins
In a world where government and the NPO (National Peace Organization) ban the practice of religion, believers are forced to hide their religious values or suffer the consequences. Double-agent Dr. Paul Stepola, a new, but secret believer, is an educated advisor on religious studies and works for the NPO. The underground church is in mortal peril following the apocalyptic events in Los Angeles, which have only cast further suspicion upon Christians. When Paris, Rome and London are attacked by terrorists, the NPO sends Stepola to Europe to infiltrate the Christian underground, thinking the terrorist is among them. Meanwhile, Paul struggles with how to tell his family about his newfound faith without raising the suspicions of his ruthless father-in-law.
--Silenced by Jerry Jenkins, Copyright ©2005 by Jerry B. Jenkins, published by Tyndale House Publishers

My Review

Following Soon, Silenced continues the story of Dr. Paul Stepola, an agent for the National Peace Organization a clandestine believer in Christ in an era where religion is outlawed.

Silenced also focuses more on Jae, Paul’s wife, as she slowly begins to wonder if perhaps she had been wrong about God all her life. Paul has become more attentive to her, treating her like he did when they first fell in love. It’s making Jae fall in love all over again with her husband. When Paul is called to Europe, she finds herself at loose ends and asks her father if he can find any office work for her at the NPO.

In the meantime, she’s begun to listen to the New Testament discs Paul left behind. At first, she’s skeptical of the stories she hears, but rather than turning away, she finds herself compelled to listen to more and more. Once in Washington D.C., Jae is briefed on her new assignment by her father. She won’t be doing office work, however. Paul is now suspected of being a double agent and they want her to help them trap him.

In Europe, Paul makes quick work of establishing contact with the Christian Underground while he searches for the man claiming responsibility for the attacks in Rome, London and Paris. It’s becoming clear to him that this man is not a true believer and Paul doesn’t hesitate to use his contacts to bring the man to the swiftest and most final of judgments, earning him additional accolades from Bern, the seat of the world government and silencing his detractors in the NPO.

Before Paul takes the terrorist down, however, the head of the world government has announced that everyone in the world has 60 days to sign a document swearing their allegiance to the world government and renouncing any ties to any religious groups. Paul knows he cannot sign the document for doing so would be a denial of God and he cannot deny what he believes. Through his contacts in the Christian Underground, he releases a manifesto, telling Bern that if the document is not withdrawn within 40 hours, God will recreate the tenth plague of Egypt, where the first-born son of all non-believers will die.

When Jae joins Paul in Paris, Paul knows it’s finally time to clear the air between them. How will Jae react when she hears what Paul’s become? How will he react when she admits she may be turning the same way? And when Bern fails to withdraw the loyalty decree, will God act as Paul’s manifesto described?

Of course God acted as Paul’s manifesto described. Jerry Jenkins ended the first book in this series on a miracle, it’s only natural that he’d end the second the same way, too. Unfortunately, this means Jae’s brother has died, and Ranald, Paul’s father-in-law, now knows for certain that Paul has become a traitor because Paul’s own first-born son, Connor, is still alive.

I have to admit, once I finished this story, I immediately clicked over to the third book, Shadowed and began listening. I didn’t even take a break to clear my mind over what happened in the story, just moved right on into the third. This is why I like to collect all the books in a series before reading them…I just can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Come on back in another week or so to find out how this exciting trilogy ends!

I give this story FOUR AND A HALF STARS.

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Michelle Massaro said...

Interesting! Thanks for the review, I haven't read anything of his in a long time. He's the prez of Christian Writer's Guild though- and I'm trying to attend their conference in February. So maybe I should read one of his books by then. =)